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Erina shares her breast augmentation experience

Dr Tavakoli Interview

Dr Tavakoli Medispa

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Dr Tavakoli Breast augmentation exercise protocol with Sally Matterson

The Morning Show – Channel 7

Dr Kourosh Tavakoli talks about Breast Augmentation.

The Morning Show – Channel 7 – Mummy Makeovers

Dr Kourosh Tavakoli explains the increasing trend of new Mums having plastic surgery to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies.

Woman tells of Thai surgery nightmare

Another thai breast augmentation surgery disaster that Dr Tavakoli will now take on as a patient to salvage.

Model tells of surgery holiday nightmare

An Australian model claims her career has been ruined after a “surgery holiday” to Thailand that left her with botched breast implants.

Introduction: Breast augmentation pre-surgery

Jen is a mother of three children who has breast fed all, and is going to undergo breast augmentation from an A-cup to a DD- cup. Her surgeon is Dr Kourosh Tavakoli. In these video diaries, she takes us through her experience, the healing process and before and after surgery results.

Morning Of Surgery

Jen on the morning of her surgery, slightly nervous, packed and ready to head to the clinic.

Day 11: Ten days after breast augmentation surgery

Jen is actively moving around and drove for the first time today. She finished taking her pain medication a few days ago and experienced a little soreness the following day, but is now feeling no pain. She is putting dressings on both breasts after every shower and will have to wear the sports bra for another four weeks.

Day 22: Three weeks after breast augmentation surgery

Jen went to her three week post op check up with Dr Tavakoli. Both breasts have recovered extremely well, she has no experienced bruising, swelling has gone down completely and the breasts feel softer.

Dressing has been taken off after ten days and is now replaced by applying silicone which has helped in minimizing scarring. She can go back to the gym in a week’s time but running is not advised.