Published November 5, 2013

Nose Job Before and After Asian Women

Nose Job Before and After Asian Women – Understanding the Needs of Asian Patients

Double-eyelid surgery is very popular among Asian women because it gives them the double-fold effect that their natural look denies them. Unfortunately, this has led to the assumption that Asian women want to look more Western, but this cannot be further from the truth. In fact, Asian women now have their own defined version of beauty, and it has nothing to do with that of the Caucasians. Today, those looking for nose jobs often rely on photos of other Asian women to show their surgeons the results they want from the surgery, so that tip plasty before and after are fully understood.

Asian vs. Caucasian

A major difference between Asians and Caucasians seeking rhinoplasty is that while the latter often seek to make their noses less prominent, Asian women prefer to make theirs stand out more. Eastern Asians and Koreans typically have wider faces in comparison to the lateral length of their eyes. In addition, the nasal bridge is often shallow, making the face look wider than it actually is. Many Asians will typically refer to Asian Actresses with Nose Jobs so show their desired outcome.

Surgery goals

When seeking rhinoplasty, Asian women usually want to make their faces shapelier while correcting any imbalances in their facial structure. This usually involves restructuring the nose, particularly the area between the nasal tip and the bridge. This increases the overall size of the nose and balances the width of the face. Rhinoplasty Nose Job Before and After Asian Women, as a result, the distance between the eyes is complemented and the nose lengthened. Detailed procedures usually involve increasing the definition and shape of the nasal tip to produce an attractive nose and improve its functionality.

The most successful Asian nose jobs result in a less defined nose with a slightly-rounded nasal tip. This helps to preserve the patient’s natural ethnic appearance. In fact, nose job before and after photos of Asian women are some of the most dramatic and impressive. Asian patients that have their surgeries performed by surgeons whose experience revolves around Caucasian patients often get revision surgery from a more Asian-oriented surgeon.

Nose Job Before and After Asian Women – Growing Popularity

Rhinoplasty has quickly become the second most popular cosmetic surgery for Asian patients after double-eyelid surgery. It is worth noting that the term “Asian rhinoplasty” is now in common use, differentiating the significant differences that Asian patients demand. It is also an indication of the growing demand for it, especially since Asian patients now constitute a major part of the market.

As an Asian patient looking for the best nose job results, it is important to work with a surgeon that understands your ethnic beauty and recognizes the underlying need to maintain your racial identity. Major variations exist between different Asian groups in regard to their facial characteristics. As such, your unique qualities and goals must be given careful consideration above all else. Ideally, work with a surgeon with adequate and relevant experience, and one that you are sure will give you the results you are looking for the first time round. Take time to look at our female Rhinoplasty nose job before and after photo gallery to see some of the success of our recent cases.

For more authoritative and independent information about Rhinoplasty / Nose Jobs, see the Wikipedia page.

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Published By: Dr Kourosh Tavakoli

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