Published November 4, 2014

Setting the Right Expectations in Nose Surgery

What can I expect after having a nose surgery?

Just as it is with any other cosmetic surgical operation, experiences in undergoing nose surgery can be fairly different among patients. Anyone interested in undergoing a nose job in Sydney is encouraged to reach out and converse with people who’ve undergone such a procedure in the past if only to get a good grasp on what to expect out of Rhinoplasty surgery. However the recovery process is one thing that all patients can similarly relate to in some way.

Recovering from Rhinoplasty surgery

Regardless of the method used by your nose surgeon in Sydney, patients can all expect to experience some discomfort immediately after the operation – headaches, dull pain, etc. For most patients, pain is often very manageable. Those that do experience severe pain can be prescribed with pain medications to be taken a few days after the procedure.

Perhaps more of a concern for most patients after undergoing nose surgery is the issue of nasal congestion. Such a symptom is to be expected considering the internal swelling which naturally occurs as a result of injury to the nasal tissues. The congested feeling can persist for a week or two and eventually subsides along with swelling.

Most patients who’ve undergone the operation for medical reasons often report experiencing remarkable improvement in their breathing immediately following the procedure even with the swelling which is considerably worse the first few days after the operation. Avoid blowing your nose for any reason in an attempt to ease the discomfort as it may disrupt the site of the operation and causing further injury. Some patients may also experience bruising on their face (typically the cheek area) after the operation which usually subsides in about a week.

Considering the after effects, anyone interested in undergoing the procedure are highly encouraged to take at least a week off from work to focus on the healing process. You might feel well enough to return to work in less than a week although you might not want to show up at work with a cast on your face which is only removed after about a week. You might begin to see some improvements on your nose 2 weeks after the procedure although you might want to hold off on that date just yet.

Around 3 weeks after surgery, most of the internal swelling ought to have subsided and you can begin appreciating some dramatic changes on your nasal appearance although some patients report experiencing some numbness on the site of the operation which can linger on for months. That’s no reason to be overly concerned though as they are all a normal part of the recovery process. Take note that the results of any nose surgery operation can take as long as 2 years to fully materialise and this is something that ought to have been thoroughly explained by your nose surgeon during the consultation.

Now when asking somebody with regards to their experience recovering from a nose surgery, it is unlikely that such a person will tell you anything pleasant. However if there’s one thing that most patients agree on it’s the fact that the recovery process can be much more manageable especially when you know just what to expect after a nose surgery operation!

Published By: Dr Kourosh Tavakoli

Dr Kourosh Tavakoli, MS, FRACS, is an internationally renowned Australian trained plastic surgeon with over 20 years of surgical training. He is an active member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), International Society (ISAPS) and American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS). He is considered a world leader in plastic surgery of the breast and body and lectures extensively around the word on these topics.