Published October 2, 2014

Undergoing breast reduction surgery

Are you interested in undergoing a cosmetic surgical procedure for breast reduction? Also referred to as “reduction mammaplasty”, the objective of such a procedure is to effectively reduce and reshape a woman’s breast to ease any physical discomfort and achieve a more balanced and well portioned figure. As a fairly popular and predictable cosmetic surgical procedure, breast reduction surgery offers the advantage of improving a woman’s appearance while providing a permanent relief to the emotional and physical discomfort experienced by women with excessively large breasts.

Is breast reduction surgery for you?

Considering the cost of a breast reduction, women interested in the procedure ought to make sure that such a solution is really right for them. Hence you might be wondering – when is the right time to consider undergoing the operation? If you have excessively large breasts to the point of becoming a physical and emotional burden then a breast reduction in Sydney is certainly an option that you ought to look into. Overly large breasts can also become a medical issue as the condition can cause back, shoulder and neck pain as well as contribute to breathing problems and the inability to live an active lifestyle. The surgical reduction of the breast can also prove an ideal solution for treating significant breast asymmetry (one side of the breasts being significantly larger than the other).

Other reasons to consider the operation:

• Having a poor posture or experience numbness in some parts of the chest as a direct result of your excessive breast size

• Difficulty in shopping for clothes that comfortably fit you

• You are old enough to have achieved full breast development and are generally unhappy with your appearance because of your overly large breast

Are you an ideal candidate for the procedure?

Most patients interested in undergoing breast reduction are often overweight, have had children, sensitive to estrogen, struggling with breast asymmetry or simply predisposed to having overly large breasts. The condition is often hereditary and runs in families inherited from mother to child. In order to qualify as a good candidate for the operation, women need to be of fairly good health with no known contraindications such as:

• Diabetes

• Extreme obesity

• Heart disorders or a family history of such conditions

• Irregular mammograms

• Cancer or undiagnosed lumps in the body

• Blood clotting disorders

Are you interested in undergoing breast reduction surgery yourself? Would you like to learn more about such a procedure? Get in touch with Dr Tavakoli today on 1300 368 107 and arrange a consultation on breast reduction!

Published By: Dr Kourosh Tavakoli

Dr Kourosh Tavakoli, MS, FRACS, is an internationally renowned Australian trained plastic surgeon with over 20 years of surgical training. He is an active member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), International Society (ISAPS) and American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS). He is considered a world leader in plastic surgery of the breast and body and lectures extensively around the word on these topics.