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Dr Tavakolis has extensive experience in Asian breast augmentation mammoplasty. He takes into consideration the individual’s unique characteristics and proportions to determine the most appropriate surgical techniques. Since some characteristics are more common in certain ethnicities, specific approaches may be employed according to these common traits and features. Dr Tavakoli designs each surgical procedure with the specific patient in mind, with consideration for their proportions, circumstances, and aesthetic goals. 

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Opting for plastic surgery is never an easy decision. When thinking about breast augmentation mammoplasty, Asian women need to consider different aspects from their Western counterparts.

Asian bodies are shaped differently than Western or African equivalents. Because of these differences, Asian patients require a different approach to breast implants and breast augmentation mammoplasty surgery.


For many patients, opting for plastic surgery, including breast augmentation (mammoplasty), is one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Dr Tavakoli and his team understand that many Asian and Western women have invested considerable time and effort into researching procedures and surgeries. Every member of the team values the trust put in us by our patients.

The goal of breast augmentation (mammoplasty) for Asian patients is to achieve the patient’s desired outcome. Whether patients prefer a subtle outcome to match more petite figures or would like a dramatic change to their appearance, Dr Tavakoli and his team are ready to share their knowledge whilst respecting the patient’s wishes. 

The team utilises only the latest techniques for breast augmentation (mammoplasty), suited to the individual patient and their needs.

Understanding asian breast augmentation mammoplasty

When planning Asian breast implant surgery, there are generally two main concerns that must be addressed by surgeons and patients.



Breast augmentation (mammoplasty) scars are one of the main ways in which Asian patients differ from the average Western patient. Like anyone with a darker skin tone, Asian patients have an increased risk of darker, pigmented scars or keloid scars. Keloid scars are thick, raised scars, and the chest area is one of the body parts where they are likely to occur. Scarring, including keloid scarring, and incision placement is therefore a major concern for Asian patients.

Because of that, Dr Tavakoli dedicates a considerable amount of time to discuss scarring during the initial consultation before breast augmentation (mammoplasty). The team believes that it is important for patients to understand the risk of keloid scars and how different approaches can help mitigate those risks.

Asian skin may require a different approach to scarring, and this is what the experienced clinic team discusses before agreeing to breast augmentation surgery (mammoplasty) for an Asian patient. In-depth consultations are key to understanding patient needs and desired outcomes.

Taking a Different Approach to Asian Breast Implants

Avoiding visible scars is one of main concerns for Dr Tavakoli and his team. In the past, the trans-axillary technique has enjoyed popularity among many Asian women, and there are several reasons that made surgeons choose this approach.

A technique to match your lifestyle

If patients desire spending time outdoors, wearing singlet tops or swimwear, trans-axillary incisions can become problematic. In non-Asian patients, scars typically fade over time, but Asian skin is more prone to dark scarring.

Additionally, the trans-axillary method limits the surgeon’s options to shape the patient’s breasts during the procedure. Positioning of the breast implant itself can also be limited. Armpit incisions make it impossible to use intra-operative sizers which surgeons use to estimate the desired implant volume.

Lastly, an armpit incision can only be used for round saline breast implants. By limiting the options of breast surgery to only saline implants, this technique also limits the opportunities to create the desired outcome for Asian breast augmentation mammoplasty.

Alternative Techniques for Asian Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty

For Asian breast augmentation mammoplasty, trans-axillary incisions are simply not the best approach. That is why Dr Tavakoli’s preferred placement of the incision is in the inframammary fold (IMF). The IMF describes the natural lower boundary of a patient’s breast and is also known as breast crease.

For Asian breast enlargement procedures, inframammary incisions have become a more common option because of their versatility. The procedure involves an incision that is fairly small, often only one or two inches long. This type of surgical incision accommodates saline or silicone implants.

A more flexible approach

Placing the incision in the skin crease below the breast allows Dr Tavakoli better access to the breast pocket itself. As a result, the surgeon has additional options for the precise positioning of the patient’s breast implant, including subglandular, subpectoral, and submuscular placements.

IMF incisions are equally suited to saline implants and silicone implants, increasing the surgeon’s and the patient’s options to choose and select the implant most suited to the desired look. Because of its position in the breast crease, Dr Tavakoli can insert anatomical, teardrop-shaped breast implants.

Dr Tavakoli offers laser scar therapy to all Asian breast augmentation mammoplasty patients. Once the initial scar has healed sufficiently, laser therapy can reduce the appearance of it. Dr Tavakoli uses Lumenis ultra pulse laser.


Aside from scarring, size is the second most important consideration for an Asian woman when she is considering breast surgery. Typically, Asian women have smaller frames and a smaller breast area than Western women. This must be accounted for when plastic surgeons are planning Asian breast augmentation surgery (mammoplasty).

Dr Tavakoli understands the importance of considering whether a patient has a low body mass index (BMI) or a more petite figure. Both factors influence the choice of implant size and implant placement.

Choosing and Sizing a Breast Implant

Dr Tavakoli has extensive experience performing breast implant surgery on Asian patients. He exclusively uses intra operative sizers during the breast augmentation mammoplasty procedure to ensure that the most appropriate breast implant shape and size is selected for the patient.

Of course, selection and sizing of a saline or silicone implant starts before the procedure. During the consultation, Dr Tavakoli discusses the desired outcome with his patients.

Different implants achieve different outcomes

The plastic surgeon’s recommendations depend on whether a woman is looking for a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic change. Recommendations also take into account the woman’s overall breast area and the amount of natural breast tissue.

Dr Tavakoli ensures that patients raise any concerns and understand how the choice of round implants or teardrop implants will influence their new look. Because of their smaller frame, many Asian women prefer smaller implants.

Why Use Intra Operative Sizers

Intra operative sizers allow plastic surgeons to shape and position implants during a breast augmentation mammoplasty. 

This approach takes into account a patient’s own skin elasticity and their rib wall curvature. Neither can be accurately measured during a consultation. Being able to adjust during the procedure is currently the only way of ensuring we can perform specific surgical techniques depending on your unique body shape and characteristics.

Dr Tavakoli has access to unlimited intra operative sizers and has found this to be the most successful method for choosing a breast implant size for Asian patients. Naturally, decisions taken during the procedure are based on the goals discussed during the initial consultation.


Dr Kourosh Tavakoli and his entire team is delighted to assist you no matter where you are travelling from.

Our approach ensures that every patient is being assessed and treated on an individual basis. We understand that every body is different and every patient is looking for different results. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to Asian breast augmentation mammoplasty. That is why we tailor our treatments to your needs.

Flight Protocols

Travelling for plastic surgery is becoming more common. Patients looking for specific information or a unique approach to their treatment of choice often need to look beyond their local area. Travelling for surgery requires more planning than having breast augmentation (mammoplasty) locally. For that reason, we have compiled a list of considerations for prospective patients looking to travel to Sydney to meet Dr Tavakoli and his team.

To learn more about the protocol for travelling to Sydney for surgery with Dr Tavakoli, see here:

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.