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Dr Tavakoli’s
Philosophy On
Asian Breast

With over 6000 breast procedures performed, Dr Tavakoli is one of the most in demand breast augmentation surgeons in Australia. With so many breast procedures under his belt, Dr Tavakoli has extensive experience and specialisation in asian breast augmentation surgery. He understands the needs and characteristics that are unique to the asian patient.

Understanding asian breast augmentation

There are two main concerns that must be addressed when planning an asian breast augmentation:



Asian patients or those with a darker skin tone have an increased risk of darker, pigmented scars or keloid scarring. Scarring and incision placement is therefore a major concern for asian breast augmentation patients.

In the past, the trans-axillary technique has enjoyed popularity among this demographic.
The trans-axillary technique places the incisions in the arm pits removing the risk of unsightly scars forming on the breast, however this approach does not ensure that dark scarring will not form under the arms. This placement can make it hard for patients to hide during the warmer months when they may wish to wear singlet tops or swimwear.
Additionally, intra-operative sizers cannot be used with the trans-axillary incision and it can only be used to insert round implants.

Dr Tavakolis preferred placement of the incision during asian breast augmentation is in the Inframmary fold (IMF). This incision allows Dr Tavakoli the best access to the breast pocket and can be used to insert anatomical (teardrop) or tear drop breast implants.
In Dr Tavakoli’s expert hands, the scar is well hidden in the breast crease.

Dr Tavakoli also offers laser scar therapy to all asian breast augmentation patients using the latest, state of the art, lumenis ultra pulse laser.


Typically, asian women have smaller frames then the average Western patient and this must be accounted for when planning asian breast augmentation surgery.
Dr Tavakoli has extensive experience performing breast implant surgery in asian patients and exclusively uses intra operative sizers during the breast augmentation procedure to ensure that the most appropriate breast implant shape and size is selected for the patient. This method takes into account patients own skin elasticity and rib wall curvature that is not able to be accurately measured during a consultation. Dr Tavakoli has access to unlimited intra operative sizers and has found this to be the most successful method for choosing a breast implant size in asian patients.

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Protocol for fly in fly out patients

Dr Kourosh Tavakoli’s exceptional qualifications, skills and experience draw patients to his double Bay practice from all over the world.
To learn more about the protocol for travelling to Sydney for surgery with Dr Tavakoli, see here:

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