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Dr Tavakoli specialises in reconstructive breast surgery, and is renowned for his techniques in the correction of breast asymmetry.

Breast asymmetry describes breasts that may demonstrate different size, shape, nipple and areola characteristics, or any combination of these. While breast asymmetry is extremely common, mild discrepancies in breast form can be identified in most women.

Moderate to severe Breast asymmetry can psychologically affect women’s self-esteem. Patients are usually self-conscious as symptoms present at a young age. Treatment options must be presented with emphasis on improvement in results and not achieving “perfection”, rather balanced, proportional, and natural results.

Every case of asymmetric breasts is different, and every woman’s desire for breast enhancement and balance is unique.

Dr Tavakoli is a world leader in breast corrective surgery. With his vast experience and passion for breast transformation, Dr Tavakoli specialises in creating natural, in-proportion breast correction and augmentation. He has performed the most amount of breast surgery in Australia to date.

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Most women have some degree of minor breast asymmetry, differences of greater than 10% need to be addressed. There are many degrees and combinations of breast asymmetry. Women may present with one, combination or all of the below.

  1. Unilateral Breast hypertrophy and breast hypoplasia – one large breast, one small breast,
  2. Unilateral or asymmetric Breast ptosis – breast droop or one breast hangs lower than the other,
  3. Areola asymmetry – differences in nipple areola size, projection or bulge,
  4. Chest wall deformity –concaved or protruding chest wall.

Dr Tavakoli’s Classification of Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry is a three dimensional problem & can involve not only the size and shape of Breasts but also asymmetry in the Nipple areolar complex (NAC).

Type 1a

Breast Asymmetry without Breast ptosis or NAC asymmetry: Non-tuberous breasts

Type 1b

Breast Asymmetry without Breast ptosis or NAC asymmetry: Tuberous breasts

Type 2a

Breast Asymmetry, Unilateral Breast ptosis with NAC asymmetry: Non-tuberous breasts

Type 2b

Breast Asymmetry, Unilateral Breast ptosis with NAC asymmetry: Tuberous breasts

Type 3a

Breast Asymmetry, Bilateral Breast ptosis with NAC asymmetry: Non-Tuberous breasts

Type 3b

Breast Asymmetry, Bilateral Breast ptosis with NAC asymmetry: Tuberous breasts

Dr Tavakoli specialises in natural, in-proportion breast asymmetry. During your consultation, Dr Tavakoli will assess and measure your level of asymmetry. In most cases, you will be referred for a 3D CT scan to measure your degree of asymmetry. Dr Tavakoli will use your CT scan in conjunction with intra-operative sizing techniques to give you the most symmetrical results following surgery.

Dr Tavakoli’s Technique

  1. Use of Mentor implant matrix both Round & Anatomical (teardrop) – CPG range
  2. Breast Fold lowering techniques & reconstruction
  3. Dual Plane Level 1, 2 and 3
  4. Extensive Fat grafting
  5. Periareolar to Vertical Mastopexy Techniques to re-align the nipples and Deproject Tuberous breasts.

Dr Tavakoli uses minimal scarring techniques and will assess you individually as to which technique he will use to lift the breast. This will not only correct the shape of the breast, but also correct nipple position and size.

  • Tuberous breast deformity – unusual breast shape with varying degrees of breast constriction, areola herniation, size discrepancy, and asymmetry.

Tuberous breast deformity is almost always associated with breast asymmetry. Correction of breast asymmetry is a lot more complex than straight forward breast augmentation, therefore Dr Tavakoli will see you at your consultation and explain to you what degree of tuberous breast that you have.  He will then explain to you the surgical technique he will use to correct this.  View our tuberous breast gallery here.

Dr Tavakoli may use one or a combination of the following techniques to correct your breast asymmetry:

Different sized Implants
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Discrepancies in breast size can be corrected using different sized implants.

29 year old Asian female, nil pregnancies, asymmetrical breasts, moderate chest wall, height 160cm, weight 46kg. Moderate plus, Siltex, round silicone gel textured implants Size right 325cc, Size left 300cc.

Fat Graft to help contour the smaller breast
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Fat grafting can be like the “icing on the cake” which sets Dr Tavakoli’s work apart from the rest and helps to achieve the amazingly natural results that you can see in our photo galleries.

Right breast: Mentor CPG 321-180cc, medium height, moderate projection, anatomical (teardrop) implants. Left breast: Mentor CPG 322-330cc, medium height, moderate plus projection, anatomical (teardrop) implant. 100ml of fat grafting to the left breast.

24 year old female, asymmetrical breasts Right size: 180cc Left size: 330cc gel implant 100mls of fat grafting to the left breast.

Fat Graft to bottom of breast – Pure Fat injected to cleavage area. Right: 430cc Left: 430cc 20 mls fat from abdomen to left breast to treat double-bubble.

Periareolar Mastopexy (areola incision)
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27 yo female, Grade 2-3 Tuberous, Benelli breast lift and augmentation. CPG 332-445cc, tall height, moderate projection, anatomical (teardrop) implants. Dual plane pocket.

27yo female, nil pregnancies, Breast Asymmetry and Tuberous breast deformity grade 3, CPG 445cc-332, tall height, moderate profile, teardrop silicone gel implants, placed dual-plane.

Vertical (lollypop incision) or Anchor Mastopexy
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Right breast: Benelli lift and augmentation, Left breast: lollypop lift and augmentation. CPG 333-330cc, tall height, high projection, anatomical (teardrop) implants used to correct breast asymmetry.

Breast Asymmetry corrected with breast augmentation and mastopexy (lollypop).

Right breast: lollypop lift, Left breast: breast reduction and lollypop lift performed to correct severe tuberous breast asymmetry.

Breast Mastopexy (lollypop) performed to correct tuberous asymmetry.

Breast asymmetry can also be corrected by reducing the larger breast. This will correct “droopiness” and regain perkiness of the breast with Dr Tavakoli’s total breast reshaping.