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Dr Tavakoli’s
Principles in
Facial Contouring

Fat grafting is a procedure that removes fat from unwanted areas on your body and re-injected into areas that require a fuller and smoother texture. Fat is used to contour areas, such as the cheeks, tear troughs, lips, and neck, to define facial features. Fat grafting is also used as an alternative to dermal filler treatment to restore volume, correct wrinkles, deep lines, scars and areas impacted from ageing. The fat is able to provide a youthful and refreshed appearance.

Fat transfer has become a trusted and reliable procedure worldwide due to its’ compatibility with the body and minimal risks and complications. Dr Tavakoli believes the procedure is highly effective and produces positive aesthetic results.

Facial Fat Graft Case Study 1 Image 1 - Dr Kourosh Tavakoli
Facial Fat Graft Case Study 1 Image 2 - Dr Kourosh Tavakoli

Extreme Make-over including Full Face and Neck Lift, Rhinoplasty, Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty and Fat grafting to the chin, cheeks and Tear troughs.

Facial Fat Graft Case Study 2 - Front View

Fat grafting to the Tear troughs to improve darkening and hollowing under the eyes.

Facial Fat Graft Case Study 3 - Front View

Fat grafting to the Nasolabial folds and cheeks for facial enhancement.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Ideal people for fat transfer include:

  1. Good health
  2. Non-smokers
  3. Realistic expectations
  4. Desire to fill volume deficient area

How the procedure is performed

  1. Fat is removed from a donor area through a suction cannula. The technique is gentle and refined to help minimise trauma to the fat cells during the process. These techniques are proven to have favourable long term aesthetic results.
  2. Fat is then purified through a vigorous cleansing filter to separate the fat cells from the harvested fluid.
  3. It is then injected carefully, contouring and moulding into the desired area.

What should I expect after my procedure?

  • You may wake with a dressing in tact after surgery. This will be changed at your fist post-operative appointment with the Nurse.
  • Patients can expect to feel tender and slightly swollen after the procedure.
  • You may be required to wear a pressure garment on the donor area.
  • You are encouraged to mobilise immediately after surgery to promote healthy circulation.

Things to be aware of

  • Swelling, bruising and altered shape may be apparent in the first 4-8 weeks post surgery.
  • Numbness may be evident.
  • Understanding the procedure’s capability and having realistic expectations.